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If there's one thing you can hardly have enough of, it's bass. It's all about precision, because only this guarantees an authentic experience, whether with music or in the home theater. The Victa Elite Sub 252A active subwoofer with its high-power long-throw woofer ensures an emphatic acoustic experience down to 22 Hz. It is supported by a powerful Class AB power amplifier with 100 watts continuous and 200 watts peak power, which is perfectly matched to the woofer. For optimal matching to the rest of the speaker system, volume and crossover frequency can be adjusted, the latter between 50 and 150 Hz, depending on which main speakers are used. Phase is also switchable to allow the Victa Elite Sub 252 A to resonate in time with the rest of the system. An active frequency response equalization guarantees that the chassis delivers optimal results. However, only the subwoofer should vibrate and not the cabinet. Therefore, this consists of solid MDF and is elaborately braced inside, which manifests itself in a weight of almost 16 kg. Visually, the active speaker fits perfectly with the other speakers in the series, as it also has rounded side panels and is available in both black and white.

HECO Victa Elite Sub 252 A Subwoofer

  • The active subwoofer from the Victa Elite series
  • 250mm woofer with hardened paper cone and solid steel basket
  • Class AB amplifier with 100 watts continuous and 200 watts peak power
  • Level, crossover frequency and phase adjustable, active frequency response equalization
  • Automatic standby circuit and power switch
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