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Orangemate is a sister concern of  VOLUMATE, established in the year 2012.

We are a well-known HIFI HOME THEATRE / HIFI STEREO physical store in Chennai.

Today consumer wants to shop when, where and how they want.

To help them and folks who may not have access to our retail showroom, we now  offer with added shopping opportunities through our e-commerce website



It is the rush of emotional involvement that comes with a close-up shot on a big screen. It’s the aesthetic thrill of hearing a rich orchestral score through an enveloping array of speakers. It’s the quickening of the pulse that follows a gut-thumping subwoofer-borne explosion. It’s about  having more fun at home then you ever did at the movies. The movies have come home. Movies will engage and thrill you as you explore the  possibilities of your new home A/V system.




Listening to music, from the artist’s creativity to the depths of the sound recording itself, can be a passion for some listeners, and smaller computer speakers or a soundbar just wouldn’t cut it for some people’s  personal listening standards. No matter what genre is your preference,  so much attention is put into the creativity and audio engineering  behind music—it can only be realised on a true Hi-Fi stereo system. Now  there’s a good range of options that make it possible for anyone with interest to invest in Hi-Fi stereo equipment for their home. You can  build a system to your liking. The true reward will be rediscovering your favourite tunes and taking your love over them to the next level.


About Our Retail Store in Chennai


Two showrooms in Chennai is comprised of 6 state-of-the-art media demo rooms. While our normal business hours are 11am-8pm, Monday through Saturday, we suggest calling ahead to discuss your needs before visiting for the best experience.

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