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The top model of the Victa Elite series is the 702. The good one meter high floorstanding speaker offers a true three-way system with high power handling with two 170 mm woofers, a midrange speaker of the same size and the 28 mm Fluktus tweeter. The woofers and midrange drivers have solid steel baskets and 8-fold screwed decorative rings. The woofer duo confidently reproduces frequencies down to 25 Hz. At the other end of the frequency scale, the tweeter makes music up to 40,000 Hz.

Whether in black or white, the 702 is both imposing and elegant. The massive cabinet with its internal bracing provides the best working conditions for the drivers. Height-adjustable metal spikes or alternatively rubber spikes guarantee a secure stand and avoid resonances. Thanks to the optimized bass reflex design, the Victa Elite 702 masters even the highest levels without flow noise. Whether as a soloist in a demanding stereo setup or as the main speaker of a surround system, the 702 is the perfect choice in any case.

HECO Victa Elite 702 Floorstanding (Pair)

  • The Victa Elite Series floorstanding speaker
  • Two 170 mm woofers, one 170 mm midrange
  • 28 mm Fluktus tweeterwith new acoustic flange geometry
  • Bi-wiring and bi-amping option
  • Use as a hi-fi speaker or as a front speaker in the home theater
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