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If it should be a shelf speaker, the 302 is an excellent choice. A good 20 cm wide and 35 cm high, it offers a homogeneous two-way system with its 170 mm woofer and 28 mm Fluktus tweeter. The woofer has a solid steel basket and an 8-fold screwed decorative ring. The powerful long-fiber cone with the inverse dust dome reproduces frequencies down to 33 Hz. Upwards, the bandwidth extends up to 40,000 Hz thanks to the Fluktus tweeter. Like its siblings, the 302 is available in black and white variants, making it a timeless, musical companion. The solid cabinet with its rounded side panels with multi-layered construction provides a solid foundation for the drivers. Rubber spikes acoustically decouple the Victa Elite 302 from shelves or sideboards. Thanks to the optimized bass reflex design, the Victa Elite 302 is the first choice for music fans with limited space or the conscious desire for a shelf speaker.

HECO Victa Elite 302 Bookshelf (Pair)

  • The larger Victa Elite Series shelf speaker
  • 170 mm woofer with lightweight long-fiber cone and solid steel basket
  • 28 mm Fluktus tweeter with new acoustic flange geometry
  • Bi-wiring and bi-amping option
  • Use as a hi-fi loudspeaker or as an effect loudspeaker in the home theater.
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