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The fact that the Aurora series doesn't compromise when it comes to the bass range is evident from the double bass configuration and generously dimensioned woofers featured by the two floorstanding models. Unrestrained bass fanatics, who need a certain something extra, or audiophile cinema enthusiasts, who consider subsonic frequencies to be essential, really can´t go wrong with the Aurora Sub 30 A. A 30 cm chassis, which is driven by a high-performance Class A/B power amplifier that boasts a maximum output of 250 watts, together with a bass range, which, despite the compact dimensions of the sub, delves deeply into the lower frequencies, combine to guarantee an impressive acoustic experience for music and film audio alike.

The solid MDF housing has been designed in a particularly sturdy manner and provided with internal bracing to prevent disruptive resonance from occurring during reproduction of the huge bass range. In keeping with the other speakers in the series, the active subwoofer is also available in an "ebony black" or "ivory white" high-quality silk matte lacquer finish together with modern wood decor.

HECO Aurora Sub 30A Subwoofer



Active bass reflex subwoofer


300 mm woofer


50 - 150 Hz adjustable


125/250 watts


20 - 150 Hz


Housing only: 350 x 465 x 415 mm Including stand and terminal: 350 x 465 x 445 mm


19.5 kg


Stereo low-level inputs Phase continuously adjustable from 0 ° to 180 ° Volume and crossover frequency continuously adjustable Automatic standby switch Power switch

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